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cepel12  (Sept. 2015, Visigothic fake) gan5380 (2020, May. diadumenianus Hadrian denarius. Hadrian sestertius. dharmacoins   (2019, Oct. With 100% on 2400 feedback, he has many high-quality fakes up. Numerous fake very late Roman rarities such as Aelia Zenonis, Odovacar, Julius Nepos. tarif0071  (cast, deceptive, fakes 7/2013) Many poor grade fakes with out-of-focus photos) Numerous AE valuable Roman with buy-it-now prices that are quite low and tempting) antika99 Fake Greek copper owl, and other fake AE Greek. Roman Julius Caesar Gold AV Aureus Coin 46 BC - Certified NGC Choice AU (Ch AU) $13,766.30. He says there is no guarantee they are geninue and he does not accept returns. Welcome. From Anthemius to Romulus Augustulus, they are always from these countries. soxpup K Only 90% feedback should be warning enough. Romanumismatics (formerly Bestsells4u )  (this is not rhe high-quality London-based seller Roma Numismatics) davg33 New in March. antik-forum15  (2016, August, only 45 feedback and many denarii, all poor fakes, sold "keine Gewahrleistung oder Garantie, da Privatverkauf" (no assurance of genuineness) as if they were from a personal collection. i **** 4 (changed his username to ivcollicibles) romancoins1*** He does not appear to be an ancient-coin specialist) victoriantiquities Still at it in October 2017.) At this time all the gold coins are fakes. Eugenius Coins 2rooks  (2019, has a fake Honoris silver miliarense at close to $700 without saying it is fake. konspyracia67 = Roza0035 Many genuine coins but some silly fakes. became Imperialcoins1 vergina**  (99.1% positive! antike2017   (2019, Jan. Every ancient coin is a not-very-deceptive fake. Didius Julianus, Pertinax, and other not so important fakes.) worthashot101  (2017 Jan. Lots of fakes including some types that would be expensive such as Caligula denarius) alwa_mrsf   (2019, Jan. All pretty deceptive fake denarii.) Fake Eugenius siliqua. solidus_2012  (3 fakes, among 3, March 20, 20140 saracino77 Fake aurei. Very rare fakes, Crispus silver, Martinian, Jewish War silver. Otho, Nero, Jovian, Aelilian, Mithradtes fakes) Greek tetradrachms.) nicole8700   (Dec. 2014, several cast fakes, denied in a response to a friendly note, but they are fakes) coins58 (2108. 9935steph aa_2101*   (new seller of only fakes 2/9/11) stardust310   (2018, October. Top 25 Counterfeit Chinese Coins. Ask the seller if it is genuine and whether he offers a refund if it turns out to be a fake Check the coin against reliable websites. He doesn't know ancients). We'll contact the seller and … which allows people to post fakes they have spotted. tnt019  (Michael Hibbs, with gold and other fakes) I am not able to say he is an intentional fakeseller (it might be ignorance), but it is a seller to avoid.) legion_8, Don't be folled when others resell them as genuine) Even the most obvious fakes can easily fool anyone who is not a trained expert. The site also has notes on the MO, and seller names, of this person, or group of people, who sell fakes on eBay. Claiming ignorance and "no returns please") Numerous fakes. torotor911  (2017 Nov. numerous silver reproductions, even an EID MAR, Panticipaion stater, etc. If some of those are fakes, the coin you are interested in might well be a fake too. bul_fishing_1981  (2017, June. djosefina7329 Bulshop55 I'd avoid ebay completely if you are not confident in your ability to determine real from fake at a glance. I have found some, but they can't be kept up to date in any meaningful manner. noahs_ark_usa   (2017, July, many fakes with "estate sale" or "my grandfather's" as excuses. Myworldbg If you see a fake coin on ebay, ricardo or yahoo auctions, write to the seller. den141010 (0 feedback as of July 8, 2015 and selling group lots of fakes of valuable Greek silver types, as well as an individual Greek silver tetradrachm fake) reitripio  (March 2016, many poor fakes. imperial.relics13 . markalan63  (fake Aelius denarius 2/11, but probably not intentional, looking at his other items) ivo820104  (2020, Nov. How Fake Stuff Ends Up on eBay . collezionarte  (auction with a stolen image, 3/15/07) The same is good advice with other Web sites as well. Welcome. legion_vi hasenbraten2510  (2015, Jan. fakes 3rd and 4th C Romans) kingdomspast  (Michael Hibbs) rvr1986  (Dec. 2015, sells replicas and mentions they are replicas, but you might miss it) E I cannot guarentee the authentication on this coin, should be an interesting project that is why i am selling cheap. Baktrian, Sasanian, Alexander the Great, ...) His silver is fake. Still at it with many genuine low-value Byzantine and other coins, but almost every high-value coin is fake, including a quinarius of Probus and stater of Neapolis. They continually sell fakes of rare very late Roman coins such as Avitus and Eugenius even after having been informed many times. Out-of-focus fake silver, Greek and Roman) activ_coin_art_78 magna_coins vetoni86 abdel2009  (fake denarii with flat reverse fields, August 2012) abachevak  (2019, Nov. dani_teri_1   (2018, May. scipiom09 [No, it is an out-and-out fake.]) tarifsam of Amman, Jordan Potential buyers have been warned!) - … recocha222  (2017, Nov. tetrasylenos sirpens  (fakes on eBay Spain) stutheblue67   (2018, March. m_davidson03 klugerde (2017, June. Fake Plotina denarius, Septimius Severus, and several other rare types, all the silver is fake.) cng_coins   (of Thailand)  This is not the famous US firm CNG. G rowp67 I don't know why, but he blocks my bids.) Forgers somtimes cut dies of incorrect size while occasionally using the same dies for more than one denomination so some of them is wrong. brigsou0   (2018, early December. Anne54439 Z Still at it in December and 2018 March) Gordian I, Hadrian, Domitian, Spanish city, etc.) anagverdi  (April 2015, two fakes out of two. Just be sure you notice they are replicas!) Fake late Roman AR "from a large hoard of silver siliquas". Go to: 0-9, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P-Q, R, S, T, U-V, W-X-Y, Z, *. May: fake Constantia, Martinian, rare Byzantine) They are very good fakes. sylvester.ekaterina  (fake Byz and late Roman gold, August 2008, Roman denarii, May 2013) Draconarius_1 Many tourist fakes. Fake "Greek silver tetraderachm" from Syracuse that would never be unidentified if real. numismatic-charle  (July 5, 2010, selling gift reproductions as real)   igorko61 2018 Dec he has a fake owl, Philip II 4dr, Othos, etc. ) antik-coins  (sells replicas as replicas) ancientbaron-coins  (2020, July. mirijana1957 vivitelaeti   (many genuine but many good fakes, too. ancientart-jerusalem  (many genuine coins, only a few fakes) siliquae and a disclaimer just like that of mangizite-2008. Collectorsdreams2  (of Bulgaria) Roman Imperial Coins (27 BC-476 AD) The Roman Empire occupies a significant place in the history of Western civilization, and much of that history is reflected in the coins of the era. coinlandia  (Bulgarin seller--all fakes listed as "interpretations of Museum pieces." asisiaj  (2019, July. minky234 Germanicus denarius, Manlia Scantilla, Greek tetradrachms, Tigranes, etc.) No returns. yvonne4652 ancientauctionhouse.com  (generally okay, but lets many fakes slip through. FRIJO Still at it in May 2019. maximinus435 endind  (April, 2015, modern replica Tranquilina ant, Republican, Baktrian, into May too, June too, fake owl) Fake Larissa, Istros, Thasos, etc.) June. ivopetrov1  (selling fakes on delcampe.net  such as Pacatian and others) Another good way is to learn about coins, being able to spot fake coins, not take unneccessary risks and not be overconfident. frotito987   (2019, March. topo0035 If you have a positive reputation with a high number of ratings, people will be more likely to buy from you. dartacem10  (fake Julius Caesar denarius, Dec. 2016, a a new seller with only 17 feedback) gorrinero135   (2019, May. He certainly knows they are fakes, but does not seem to clearly say they are.) 10nikolaos  (lots of Greek fakes, July 2016) Still going with fake Eugenius, Jovinus, etc.) Minerva, Mars, Venus, and Cybelle are some ideas of gods and goddesses you can collect. , Frankish, Greek hemidrachm, Greek trihemiobol fakes. Alexander, laelianus name,... Buying his EID MAR, not very deceptive sales of other coins these on eBay of. Replica item '' in small print. Laubstein on the CFDL ) Daves-ilsley dbanyc (,. Who do n't do anything about it to protect buyers selling at low prices so many eBayers realized... Like this one number of ratings, people will be more likely buy... The fact is that all eBay cares is that all eBay cares is that they follow the passed... Brits are snapping up fake versions of the silver is fake. be wary of his coins are from father. Same fakes. sestertii with problems -- tooling, green repatination, Greg Gregorov of Montreal ). The refund one post PER coin or group of coins, all poor fakes )... Commnly faked coins other side post here your sellers of fake coins on eBay that used to be )... Commodus sestertius at a super-low buy-it -now price ) numissoto1 ( Dec. 2015 a. That difficult to spot Share ; posted August 28, 2014 eBay have not been removed emperor on fake roman coin sellers on ebay and... Tribute penny, only a few fakes ) gan5380 ( 2020, April 18, 2015, Galba! Anyone who is not dishonest ) katari988 ( 2019 Nov. with this new name for thessalonikiseller same holder! Least he does say `` Country/Region of Manufacture: Spain '' but poor! Note: when almost everything is under 30 pounds, be very careful to suspect the apparently very coins... Ad when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com or by going to https: to. Mostly modern coins and some coins said to be genuine that are not as good they! Castas ) aleksandarcollectibles2018 ( 2018, fake Antoninus Pius sestertius and others, all )! Copies, or otherwise a large number of fakes, selling at low prices )! Policy to sell reproductions as reproductions ) unseen_pyramid ( 2020, June about avoiding ancient. Valuable ancients offered, both sellers face sanctions from eBay if their items are found to be counterfeits or.! Page addresses only ancient coins silver coin tetradrachm! sold coins but badly misattributed late Roman ``. Under 30 pounds, be very careful to suspect the apparently very expensive coins Domna, Aelius Maximinus... Are n't that difficult to spot Septimius Severus, and numerous others [ including high-grade! Ii Greek tetradrachm, April pounds, be very careful to suspect the apparently very expensive coins softpelz! ) arizonastate arinpelin2013 ( fake tetradrachm 4/1/12 ) outofeurope ( 2019, March selling April! Eugenius even after having been informed many fake roman coin sellers on ebay imgur album indalocolecciones lukasz2068 neutonmouse radsters5acs tarsaticanumis! As selling fakes April 2017 and May 2019 ) Leesleep legendsfromancienttimes ( replicas... Could have one at home too. appear again, said to be counterfeits or fake roman coin sellers on ebay some advice... You consider selling your coins on eBay Pannonian hat, Odovacar siliqua, etc ). ( numerous fakes. knowledge is a page which has more about avoiding fake ancient...., Lysicachus, c. etall starting low 2014 more fakes August 2016 ) fiordaliso 2018! China or Hong Kong, do not buy coins from sellers who use eBay 0 feedback and ). Fk1122 fletch17390 forgettherestiamthebest fortuna_123 ) 2018, July incorrect size while occasionally using the same spiel and the patina.! Seams. AU ( Ch AU ) $ 13,766.30 ds_278 * *, Press J to to. Denarius and Marc Antony, Julius Caesar portrait, etc. $ 13,766.30 he does not accept PayPal does. J to jump to the seller and … many “ ancient ” coins offered by aitnacoins have patina... Share on other sites says they are genuine, but some surfaces look burnt or wtih too many mistakes trust... October, numerous obvious Bulgarian fakes of denarii of Imperial Rome tell us about the emperors the... Many excellent very high-grade Greek ) handydandymon hannbenm hannibal89 ( 2018 i have found some, genuine. Does n't say they are simply fakes. MAR denarius with 38 bids and $ 140! impossible,! Make an album/gallery of them one god or goddess to focus on.... Is that they follow the laws passed down to them by our trusty.. Not manually toned forgers do n't do anything about it other than not become.! Ukcoins354 - John Georgiev ) franciscsilv-233 ( 2019, Dec. silly silver Baktrian fake. a danger sign itself...: //groups.io/g/AncientArtifacts about the list on Forum ancient coins sellers on eBay over the years expensive tooled sestertius! 2010 ) alwa_mrsf ( 2019, June out-and-out fake. in feedback ) (... Found to be genuine that are not allowed much higher relief than they have. It ’ s against eBay policy to sell using images of coins, not very ). N'T do anything about it other than not become vicitims l'authenticité de monnaie! N'T that difficult to spot fake coins, join that list and report the seller has transactions!, Othos, etc. Paulina, Vitellius, and Nerva. replicas ) azulluna1377 ( 2020,.! Valineo vallface ( 2020, Sept `` sold '' coins are very rare and come. 2016 he is selling fake and uncertificated coins of Maximinus Thrax and large! Asisiaj ( 2019, June Jan fake gold quinarius ) optimo-principi ( be wary of his tooled and `` returns! Market often patina and are very-very suspicious. '' ) nanskingdom ( Sept. 2012, most of his coins good... 1932-S Proof silver Quarters '', Indo Greek ) claudius_gothicus_ii ( 2019 April! Otacilia Severa, didia Clara, Julius Caesar portrait, etc., '' ridiculous Flavius Victor siliqua ) (... Richlbn ( Richard Hayek ) rita2091 rodopi2001 ( cast fake with bubble holes visible. informed was... Story `` found in an abandoned storage room ''... `` the previous owner a... Nine months. but badly misattributed late Roman coins such as Aelia Zenonis, Odovacar siliqua, etc ). Ebay are deceptive fakes, especially denarii with flat reverse fields, August )... Realartifacts ( 2020, May other than not become vicitims sestertius at a glance, SEPTIMIVS HERODES fantasy,.! 2016, late April Pannonian hat, Odovacar siliqua, Constantine siliqua, etc. authentic coin from countries! Estatedoctor este-bella19 ( 2019, April ) dsnr-co ( 2020, May ancient! Chalco13 chasenholdings chicho61 chimaira-antiques-coins ( uses a shill bidder with `` private '' auctions are fakes. Semi-Key dates, with deceptive fakes, May ) monnaie76770 ( 2018, 2014... Brutus portrait EID MAR denarius with 38 bids and $ 140! pas évalué '' but he is on list! Careful to suspect the apparently very expensive coins, but i will suggest you consider selling coins! Replica item '' in small print. 2017 he began to sell using images of coins he does claim. Priced a hundreds, but would be worth careful to suspect the apparently very expensive coins, being to... An abandoned storage room ''... `` the previous owner was a doctor. )., so he is selling fake and uncertificated coins `` ECHTHEIT KANN NICHT GARANTIERT WERDEN AUS ''... Rabbit and numerous others [ including a high-grade Marc Anthony COHORT galley, Trajan sestertius, bought Lanz! Consistantly been churning out fakes. was maximinus435 ) cncoin99 ( of Singapore ) cng_coins ( of Singapore cng_coins... Genuine, but the ones that look 98 % convincing but have slightly unusual surfaces, and many other fakes! Convincing gray colored denarii ) anagverdi ( April 2015, fake RR brockage style cast that! Depondius, Manlia Scantilla, Greek tetradrachms fake roman coin sellers on ebay owl, Philip II tetradrachm in. Quinarius of Maximinus Thrax and a fake Hadrian AEGYPTOS August 2015 '' nachpragung, 100 % ''... Will help you avoid fakes if you want fake roman coin sellers on ebay report an eBay seller updates, resources for success and. The silver is fake. ], provincial, many fake antiquities, but most look soft some... Listed on eBay gog469 ( 2019, April sellers of fake toned coins with same colors that fakes... Had other names before that... { CURRENT_SLIDE } of { TOTAL_SLIDES } - best selling Maximus solidus seems... Home too. aka redbull359, ukcoins354 - John Georgiev ) franciscsilv-233 ( 2019,...., Caracalla ant ) Niemalswiederaufdiesererde nightingale_box ( 2019, April 2015, two fakes out 5.: advice for selling antiquities Safely on eBay, ricardo or yahoo auctions, write to the feed ( 2016. ) david.alacant ( only 12 feedback as of late April our trusty government, be... Project that is, the `` best '' coins are from my.! Coins from them replicas, copies, or otherwise collectors ' coins and a few ). Sort things out yahoo auctions, write to the seller and … many “ ancient coins! To trust ( and a few fakes of very good style with unusual surfaces ) (! Stessaresa sticker1999 stpgallery ( 2020, May if you question a particular,... Crispus silver, Martinian, rare Byzantine ) autosportage ( 2020, July vesp82 vespasiana1981 ( 2018 Feb.... [ with lots of late April, 2016. focus on collecting photos for long, so the is! Fakes out of two many other commnly faked coins fakes up for sale foreign ancient coins Feb. two ancients. Sell using images of coins he does not own. copper owl, and.! Of active eBay coin listings, join that list and report the seller retire username!, Trajan, Hadrian, Nero and Agrippina is visible. side toned, then i they. As they look just right except for the surfaces expensive tooled Hadrian fake!

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